In our flight school you can revalidate or renew your SEP(L) rating, Private Pilot License PPL(A) and Light Aircraft Pilot License LAPL(A).


Ratings entitle pilots to fly a specific aircraft type and to operate it under specific flight rules. We distinguish two types of flight rules: VFR (Visual Flight Rules) - navigating an aircraft under conditions of good visibility and IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) - navigating of an aircraft using instruments alone. We have two basic types of aircrafts: SEPL - Single Engine Piston Land - and MEPL - Multi Engine Piston Land. PolMack Poland Aviation Center you can:

  • renew your qualification of the SEP(L),
  • revalidate your SEP(L) rating,
  • take practical exam for Private Pilot License PPL(A),
  • take practical exam for Light Aircraft Pilot License LAPL(A).