Private Pilot License PPL(A) is the first step to realize your dream of becoming a pilot. It enables you to fly any type of a single engine airplane with maximum take-off weight of 5700 kg.


The PPL(A) training has been divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. After you pass the theoretical exams at the Civil Aviation Authority and, afterwards, the practical exam, you receive a Private Pilot License PPL(A). It is worth remembering that if you want to be qualified to fly abroad, you need to pass the ICAO English test (level 4 or above). With ICAO4U - our Partner - we give you the possibility to sign up for Aviation English Course (levels 4/5/6) as well as to take the exam.


Pilot license

What are the requirements to apply for the Private Pilot License PPL(A)?

  • Student pilots must be at least 16 years of age on the day of a first solo flight,
  • Applicants for a PPL(A) must be at least 17 years of age,
  • Before first solo flight candidates applying for a Private Pilot License PPL(A) must hold a valid Class II medical certificate.

Theoretical training and examination for PPL(A)

Theoretical part of the training comprises 100 hours of lectures on the following 9 topics: air law, human performance, meteorology, communication, principles of flight, operational procedures, flight planning and performance, aircraft general knowledge and navigation. You can complete your theoretical training externally (on-line) or in our training center in Lower Silesia. The training ends with an internal exam (multiple choice test), which you can conveniently take on-line via the Internet. The test consists of questions on topics covered during lectures as well as on aircraft operating rules. In order to pass the exam, you need to achieve a minimum 75% on each topic. The main exams for pilot license are conducted in Civil Aviation Authority premises and are held monthly as two-week sessions. The exam must be taken in 6 sessions within 18 months period. You can take the exam in each subject maximum 4 times.


Practical training and examination for PPL(A)

Practical part of the training covers minimum 45 hours of flying on aircrafts from our fleet. During this part of training you will perform your first solo flight. You will gain skills needed to operate both aircrafts equipped with analog instruments as well as multi-function display - “glass cockpit”. Your every flight will be preceded by a briefing. Moreover, after each lesson we will make a summary of the most important issues to prepare you better for your next training session. Practical training is conducted on the basis of a training program approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.