In our flying shool we have two airstrips. What is more, we also have a possibility to take advantage of a controlled airport (on preferential conditions). Thanks to that, our student pilots have a chance to practice landing and taking-off on an international airport..


Świdnica - Krzczonów Airstrip EPSS 120.140 MHz
A private airstrip owned by our training center, operating year-round from task till dawn. It is located in Lower Silesia, only 3 km from Świdnica and 40 km from Wrocław..


Lotnisko Kszczonów
Lotnisko Kszczonów
Lotnisko Kszczonów


  • Runway width - 30 m,
  • Szerokość pasa – 30 m,
  • Take-off direction – 29-11°. 

Mirosławice Airport EPMR 122.605 MHz
An airport owned by Aeroklub Dolnośląski, located 30 km from Wrocław. The airport has two grassy runways.


Lotnisko Mirosławice
Lotnisko Mirosławice
Lotnisko Mirosławice


  • Runway length - 900 m and 800 m,
  • Runway width - 50 m,
  • Petrol station - AVGAS 100 LL,
  • Take-off direction - 350-170° (grassy runway 900 x 50 m) and 90-270° (grassy runway 800 x 50m).

Controlled Airport Wrocław-Strachowice Copernicus Airport Wrocław EPWR 120,250 MHz
An international Airport located within the area Wrocław-Strachowice.


  • One runway with asphalt covering - 2503 m x 45 m,
  • International Passenger Terminal,
  • Cargo Terminal,
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS Cat II),
  • Petrol station - AVGAS 100 LL.