About us

PolMack Poland is a flight school in Lower Silesia established in response to needs of those who begin their adventure with flying. Together with a group of experienced instructors we have created a professional and friendly flight training center, where you can prepare yourself for the role of a pilot, in accordance with the highest standards. If you already hold a pilot license, we encourage you to take a look at our offer of courses addressed to licensed pilots: VFR Night rating, revalidation of license or aircraft rental (including brand-new training aircraft - Tecnam P2008 equipped with glass cockpit).


szkoła latania
kurs na pilota
szkoła lotnicza


Choosing our flight training center we can assure you that:

  • We will consider your individual needs and requirements. Moreover, a flexible work schedule enables our staff to adjust to your most convenient hours,
  • You will be guided by the most experienced instructors, who will answer your every question and will ensure you make progress both in your theoretical knowledge and practical skills,
  • You will perform flights on modern aircrafts subject to appropriate standards and procedures,
  • you will gain skills needed to operate both aircrafts equipped with analog instruments and with a multi-function display - “glass cockpit”,
  • Your every flight will be preceded by a briefing and after each lesson we will make a summary of the most important issues to prepare you better for the next session,
  • We will teach you how to use checklist and conduct briefing on every flight stage,
  • You will gain all the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as receive any information concerning your chosen course,
  • We are an Approved Training Organization (ATO Certificate Number: PL/DTO-28).
szkoła latania
kurs na pilota
szkoła lotnicza


As an innovative training center in Lower Silesia we put emphasis on:

  • Safety - your safety is important for us not only during the course of training. With us, you will gain confidence and skills essential to perform all your future flights safely,
  • Modernity - our student pilots can practice flying on a brand-new Tecnam P20008 with glass cockpit,
  • Openness - we appreciate good and clear communication with our students,
  • Regularity - our new technical facilities guarantee that all your flights will take place as planned (apart from cancellation due to weather conditions),
  • Innovation - we are always up to date with the newest technological achievements in aviation industry as well as requirements set before future pilots.

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